Conveniently located on Marion Road, not far from Marion Shopping Centre

Painless, professional friendly service certainly takes the anxiety out of dental appointments with you. Having avoided dentists for too long after traumatic childhood experiences, it was a huge relief to eventually find someone so gentle and efficient. After a root canal and some routine dental care I built up enough courage to have all my amalgams removed. This was a big decision for me but I needn’t have been concerned as you did so efficiently, also removing underlying decay, with your usual gentle manner. So I can personally recommend you to anyone else considering having all that mercury removed from their mouth and for any thorough dental treatment and still come out smiling.

With much appreciation,

Jo Nitschke

Dentists who operate on a basis not associated with ‘terror’ are a rare breed. Learning that Dr Simon Naylor, a dentist I looked upon as something of a saint in that regard, had retired, and replaced by Dr Quynh H Nguyen, I was happy to see what magic she could perform with my decaying front teeth, the decay hideously exposed by receding gums. This amazing woman repaired the damage perfectly (and painlessly), and actually rebuilt the entire tooth structure and colour – a feat that I thought could only be accomplished by prosthetic involvement. Her attention to detail I found impressive, and her total manner courteous, kind and empathetic.

Sandy Weeks, Happy Valley