Children Dentistry

Children Dentists in Adelaide

Children dentistry requires a unique combination of skill, sensitivity and a sense of fun. At Marion Dental Clinic, we understand that this is such a fundamentally important area as it involves the children, the dentist, the staff and the parent or carer.

We take great care to connect with children especially when it is their very first visit so as to make their introduction to dentistry as engaging and happy as possible. We believe first experiences have a lasting influence throughout life.

At what age should your child get their first dental examination?

Based on the development of teeth in children and advice from the Australian Dental Association, children should receive their first dental examination at around the time of their first birthday.

This will enable experts to identify any oral growth and development issues and by familiarising your child with trips to the dentist from early on, they’ll quickly adapt to the processes involved.

What will be discussed at my child’s dental examination?

Your dentist will be able to discuss any questions you may have, as well as offering advice on some of the following:

  • Brushing technique
  • Fluoride levels
  • Your child’s diet (both food and drink)
  • Current tooth development
  • Gum health

How should I prepare my child for a dental examination?

It’s really important to set your child’s mindset early on to avoid nerves or unnecessary stress. Follow these tips to help make their visit as enjoyable as possible:

1. Discuss with them the role of a dentist and how the dentist will be able to help them to keep their teeth healthy

2. Allow your child to role play at going to the dentist. Younger children especially often practice “being dentist” on a soft toy – this introduces an element of fun.

3. Introduce the basic idea of what they will encounter during the examination – tell them that they will need to open their mouth, that a torch may be shone on their teeth, that they may have their teeth counted and that different pieces of equipment may be used on their teeth.

4. Speak warmly to the dentist when you go into the room with your child. By showing that you are trusting and happy with them, your child will instantly relax and feel more comfortable with an unfamiliar situation.

So if you’re looking for child friendly Adelaide dentist, then Marion Dental is the perfect place for you and your children! For more information about our treatment process, please call us on (08) 8277 6025.

How To Brush Your Children’s Teeth Videos

These videos illustrate some brushing techniques and other teeth tips for both infants and young children.

Infant tooth brushing video:

Children’s brushing video:

Children’s brushing technique video: