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Dental Crowns for Adelaide Residents

Unlike removable devices such as dentures, which you can take out and clean daily, crowns and bridges are cemented onto existing teeth. It’s inevitable that over time and with age, teeth can become damaged, broken or even fall out entirely. Crowns are an excellent way to both protect and restore teeth and to keep you smiling for years to come.

What is a crown?

A crown is a ‘cap’ that is shaped to match your tooth. It is used to entirely cover the tooth, helping to strengthen it and restore its appearance, shape, size or alignment within the mouth.

There are different types of crowns and crowns can be made from different materials – you’ll be able to choose the right one for you depending on where in the mouth the crown will be placed.

Crowns are fitted to the tooth and are cemented onto existing teeth therefore they are not removable. If you need to have the crown removed or refitted, you will need this to be done by a dentist.

What are crowns used for?

There are a number of scenarios when your dentist may recommend that you have a crown fitted. These include;

  • To protect a tooth that is likely to break due to weakness or injury
  • To restore a tooth that has been fractured or chipped
  • To replace a large filling, especially when there is little tooth structure remaining
  • To hold a dental bridge in the correct position
  • To improve the appearance of discoloured or badly shaped teeth
  • To cover up a dental implant
  • To cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment

What type of crown is best for you?

Crowns can be made from metal (gold or metal alloys), porcelain or ceramic crowns (porcelain-fused-to-metal or all-porcelain/all-ceramic crowns). Each material is chosen for different situations so our dentist will discuss the type of crown which will be most suitable for you.

Options for Dental Crowns Video